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Letters From Leton: V.C. Day

During your lifetime there are many happy days.  The day you got married. The day(s) your children are born. Other days are comparable, while perhaps not quiet to that level. Days such as your graduation day. The first day at a new job. The day you arrive at the vacation destination you’ve dreamed of for… Read more »

Letters From Leton: Put Me In Coach!

Returning robins, blooming flowers, and baseball… the signs of spring! My son played baseball from T-ball through high school- and mostly with the same guys. Along the way, I was involved as a coach, as President of Glade Little League for 3 years, and …drum roll… as the Game Announcer for Little League games. Later… Read more »

Letters From Leton: After You

Following a mentally and physically tiring few weeks, I recently ventured to our home office in Jonesville to work with our folks on plans for our Annual Shareholders Meeting in April. A beautiful drive through a scenic region set the tone for the day. Throughout the day I had the pleasure of social distanced visiting… Read more »

Letters From Leton: A Good Cry

Sometimes in life what we need is a good cry. Breakup with your first love in high school? A good cry is needed. Lose a favorite aunt or uncle? A good cry often accompanies the smiles and memories. Often a good cry is in a special place – your bedroom at home, that beautiful overlook… Read more »