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Letters From Leton: Call Me Ishmael

As the COVID-19 situation drags on, staying positive and keeping perspective on things becomes challenging. So I decided to shake things up a bit by getting back into reading books. I decided that I wanted a book to continue learning more about my culture and history (got one by Ron Rash – Appalachian Author – thanks for… Read more »

Letters From Leton: Oh Boy – Homemade

Think over the years about how many times you have used that phrase – the cake or cookies someone brings to work, homegrown vegetables or fruit shared with you. I was reminded of the value of “Homemade” last Saturday when our neighbor Jess brought over some homemade chocolate covered cherries. Normally, these are a treat she… Read more »

Pandemic Fraud Scams Advisory

A recent advisory from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) details pandemic-related impostor schemes and money mule scams targeting American consumers. Summarized by PCBB, below are some red flags to be aware of: Contact from an alleged government representative to verify, process, or expedite an individual’s economic impact payment. Receipt of what seems to be a… Read more »