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Letters From Leton: Popcorn Balls

In Appalachia, there are specific memories for many of us surrounding holidays and celebrations. One of those this time of year is homemade popcorn balls. Homemade popcorn balls as treats originated in our family more as a necessity. Having extra money to purchase candy was not a consideration – so instead of cash, the resources… Read more »

Letters From Leton: The Greatest Steak I Ever Had Was A Disappointment

A number of years back, I had the opportunity and pleasure to serve as a member and subsequent Chairman of the Risk Management Association’s (RMA) Community Bank Council. Fifteen Bank CEOs and Executives from around the country provided input and guidance to the RMA as the organization supported Community Banks. Our fall meeting was normally… Read more »

Letters From Leton: Need A Pair Of Pants?

As a young banker, I had a wonderful mentor in Bill Clements, a progressive banker who in many ways was ahead of his times. However, I was also blessed to have many other professional influences in my life, especially our Bank Board. William Kanto who was a great influencer on the establishment of Lenowisco and… Read more »