Positive Pay

Each year, companies nationwide lose billions of dollars due to check and electronic fraud.  Protect your business against fraudulent checks with our check monitoring service that carefully examines each check and reports any irregularities directly to you.


How it Works:

Step 1:  Each time you issue checks, you upload an electronic file containing the individual check serial numbers, payee name, issue date, and amounts to your Business Online Banking account.

Step 2:  PVB builds a cumulative check register from your files and compares every check that is presented for payment against the register.

Step 3:  If any check fails to match your check issue register, we report it immediately to you in an early morning email.  We also maintain a list of your issued checks, check exceptions, and their approve or return decisions in online banking so that you can view your payment history or generate reports and use it for account reconciliation.


Features and Benefits:

  • Constant monitoring of suspicious check activity
  • Block unauthorized checks
  • Get email alerts if fraudulent activity is detected and be confident the funds won’t leave your account without the proper match
  • Support from your PVB team either via email, phone call or in one our local offices