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Letters From Leton: Summertime

Fond memories and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly. For those in our region, summer often involves family.  Family trips and vacations. Family time. And family who had ventured away for jobs, coming back to the place they longed to be (the real world had other plans). Many of you, like me, recall… Read more »

Letters from Leton: Smiles!

They were beaming. Smiling ear to ear. As I went for my early morning walk at the beach, I approached a group of young Mennonite teenagers (boys and girls) in their standard attire.  They were heading to the beach, I suspect some for the first time, and they were absolutely happy – grinning like the… Read more »

Letters From Leton: Come Sail Away

Have you ever had someone ask you how far is it from here to there? Normally you can respond based on experience with a reasonable estimation. When we moved to Tidewater, peopled asked me that question, and I had no idea. I was out of my element. New to a world that was exciting yet uncomfortable.… Read more »

Letters From Leton: Sit On Stove And Stir

Those who spend much time around me know of (and tolerate) my “peculiarities” regarding words and their use or misuse for communication. Examples abound. Signs saying “End Trash Pickup” or “End Road Work” along the highways we travel – Who are these people who want to end trash pickup or road work? And would it… Read more »

Letters From Leton: Möchten Sie Tanzen?

It was one of those picture-perfect late August mountain days in 1994. The day was hot, the humidity was low, and the cool of the evening was approaching. Mae and I were sitting on the deck as my wife, Tammie, and our kid’s godfather, Hans, were cleaning up from dinner. My conversation with Mae shortly… Read more »

Letters From Leton: What Were We Thinking?

During my time at the Virginia Bankers Association back in the day, we worked with the General Assembly on a bill that required the date a checking account was opened appear on the face of the check. The issue – merchants were getting so many bad checks, primarily on newer accounts, and losing lots of money.… Read more »