Letters From Leton: The 47 Most Unlikeable TV Characters Of All Time

“The most beautiful..”

“The funniest…”

“The weirdest…”

We have all seen the headlines for list articles as we read the news or scroll social media on our phone or computer.

I recently came across a list I had never seen before – The 47 Most Unlikable TV Characters of All Time. Rather than spoil the list for you, I will let you check it out yourself. 

I did not recognize many of the characters (not a big TV person); however, I did recognize their traits.

The whiner. The person who always puts themself first. The sneak. The lazy person. The complainer. The “smarter than everyone else” person. I could go on.

It is hard enough to read about these types of folks and even harder to deal with them in real life.

They exist among our customers, community and even in our Bank.

They make life harder not easier. They bring folks down instead of lifting them up. They try to stir things up rather than calm them down. They blame others for their own shortcomings or failings.

If we see an unlikable character on TV, we simply change the channel.

In real life it is a bit more challenging. 

The key is to not be drawn into the negative energy. Sometimes it is important to reflect on how our actions and attitudes may be perceived by others in order to ensure we don’t become unlikeable ourselves.

As my daddy said, folks can take everything away from you except your reputationOnly you can give that away with selfish actions, bad attitude, or mis-treatment of others.

Stay safe.

– Leton

“Letters From Leton” is a blog series comprised of the weekly updates that Leton Harding – President, Chairman, and CEO of Powell Valley National Bank, shares with the Bank’s team members. These newsletters are full of uplifting anecdotes and intriguing insights that are applicable beyond the Bank, so we want to share them with you.