Letters From Leton: So Sue Me!

While it is good to get excited about big things (birthdays, weddings, grandkids), I also find that it is the unexpected that often brings me great joy.

Let me add that sometimes the unexpected  – when you take a few minutes and think about it – really shouldn’t be unexpected.

The world has been turned on its head this year. Banking has been turned on its head, as well, as we try to deal with COVID-19 and protect our customers and staff while maintaining the high levels of service that folks have come to expect from PVB.

One aspect of this has been opening accounts. We normally have the person or business in our office, quickly opening the account with a great deposit platform specifically designed to take care of our customers.

In turn, our CSRs have some quality one-on-one time to cover products that are tied to checking accounts – Debit Cards, Online Banking, Mobile Banking and MobiMoney (for Debit Cards), and phone numbers to call for help.

Now, with customers often coming by the drive-up or ducking in the office to sign signature cards, that time and communication can become limited.

What to do?

Well Sue Huff, teller at our Big Stone Gap office, took time to create a piece to share with the new deposit customers containing a quick overview of what is needed to sign up for services (including codes for online banking and other e-services).

Did anyone ask Sue to do this? While there may have been some talk about it, Sue took the initiative to create the list which was shared last Friday by Jan (head teller at Big Stone) with her peers.

When I saw this list and the email, I was reminded of how much each of our employees take a progressive and caring stance when dealing with our customers. In fact, our folks are so good at this it makes one wonder if you even need a CEO for the Bank (please say you do).

I suspect that there are lots of other stories that could be shared about the extra efforts fellow PVB employees have made during this time.

132 years of caring keeps on going.

So sue me if I get a little excited and out of control bragging on our folks!