Letters From Leton: Put Me In Coach!

Returning robins, blooming flowers, and baseball… the signs of spring!

My son played baseball from T-ball through high school- and mostly with the same guys. Along the way, I was involved as a coach, as President of Glade Little League for 3 years, and …drum roll… as the Game Announcer for Little League games.

Later I was also recruited as the announcer for Patrick Henry home baseball games and for the district tournament where my son and his fellow grown-up T-ballers played. That continued until my arrival at PVB. 

It was important to me to create a fun atmosphere for the kids and their families –  announcing names, calling balls and strikes, and, of course, playing music between innings (including John Fogerty’s, “Centerfield”).   

Service to others is what we do around here.

So, it was no surprise when I received a call after “work hours” last week from a local coach. The coach’s child had lost a good size check that the coach had written. “No problem,” I said, “we can put a hold on it first thing in the morning.” 

The only disappointing aspect of the interaction was that the coach had called his personal PVB Banker first. Finding him already on the phone (with another customer), the coach called me – his “backup player”.

We stress around here that Banking is not about buildings. Banking is not even about products and services, as they change over time (note the disappearance of checks).

Banking is about service to our customers – round the clock. Banking is about customers feeling free to call their Banker, or in a pinch, the CEO of the Bank, to get the kind of service they need and should expect from a true community bank.

Stay safe and get your vaccine.

– Leton


“Letters From Leton” is a blog series comprised of the weekly updates that Leton Harding – President, Chairman, and CEO of Powell Valley National Bank, shares with the Bank’s team members. These newsletters are full of uplifting anecdotes and intriguing insights that are applicable beyond the Bank, so we want to share them with you.