Letters From Leton: Pass It On

Have you ever been the beneficiary of a stranger’s gift?

Perhaps you have made your way to the drive-thru window to pick up your sausage biscuit and learned that the person ahead of you has paid for your order!

Each summer, the deacons in our church go to a local gas station just off of US-23, a rather busy highway from Ohio to South Carolina, to give away gasoline. We flash poster signs touting $5.00 of free gas for all.

As drivers pull in, the fellows provide the driver with a coupon for $5.00 in gas. There is no requirement. We don’t talk about our church or our projects. Nor Sunday School Classes or Wednesday Night meals. We hand the person the coupon if they want it, make small talk and wish them a wonderful day.

It is interesting to see folks reactions – especially after they come to the realization that there is no sales spiel. Some are surprised – others curious as to why we are doing this. Others are deeply touched as the small amount of gas can help them get to work or make the final leg of a journey home.

Since I have worked at PVB (March 2012) we have had thirteen (13) folks to retire out of the original 70 or so folks working here in 2012. Many, if not most, had worked here for over 30 years – a few over 40 years!

As these folks have left to enjoy the bounties of their efforts and hard work, their positions have opened and other employees step up or we bring a new employee into the PVB Family.

However, at PVB there is much more to retirement than simply passing on a job.

There is a legacy of passing along a caring attitude for fellow employees. The legacy of passing along the desire to support our communities. The legacy of passing along the commitment to do what it takes to keep our Bank successful and independent.

Susan Barber On May 29, 2020, Susan Barber retired after 43 years working at PVB. A time she calls a “blessing”.

She will pass along to Amy Mellinger and Ashley Hammonds her good works in H.R. and working with our Bank Board.

And one day each of us will have the opportunity to pass along what we do to a capable and caring person.

That is the 132 year old “Pass it On” mentality of PVB.

A legacy we will keep in place for future generations!

– Leton