Photo By Tim Cox

Letters From Leton: Green Acres Is The Life For Me!!

My wife and children (and others) poke fun at me for loving to mow so much. On the mower, with my iPod – for two hours (yep the yard is pretty big) I am in solitary bliss!

They have often kidded me that I reminded them of Mr. Douglas (Eddie Albert) from the 60’s comedy Green Acres. Albert played a Wall Street Lawyer who bought a farm sight unseen (it was a mess) in Hooterville (Petticoat Junction). He continued to wear his three piece suit as he shoveled barns (PG Version) and drove his tractor. (I actually drove my lawnmower in my suit once just to complete my family’s comparison.)

One recent evening as I isolated myself from the public (mowed part of my yard), I thought about all of the folks in areas who are basically locked in apartments, condominiums, or loft homes… the cabin fever they must be experiencing. And the kids – Geez, can you imagine the bottled up energy with no schools, no play grounds and so on?

Many of those folks are also working from their homes – and now that they know they can work remotely, their thoughts may turn to where their home could be after the crisis abates – maybe even the breath taking mountains and valleys of SWVA and East Tennessee!

As many of us here have homes out in the country with 6 ft times 50 space between us and our neighbors, we must realize the blessing of being here.

By the way, mow your grass. It is getting out of hand!

And pray for those affected by the Coronavirus.

– Leton

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