Coronavirus Update: PVB Is Here For You

An update from our President, Chairman, & CEO, Leton Harding, acknowledging the seriousness of the situation, the strength of our region, and the ways PVB is here to help.

“Coronavirus, COVID-19, presents a unique challenge for our Country and Economy.

As an institution founded in 1888, having sustained 29 economic recessions and depression, World Wars, and the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918 (our 30th year of operation), PVB is a strong believer in the spirit and capabilities of the American people to handle this event.

For our customers we offer a number of electronic services including online banking, mobile banking through our TouchBanking app, text message banking notifications, and MobiMoney, our debit card app. Our customers can use all these different services to:

All without ever having to visit the bank.

Our customers know that our employees answer the phones in our offices, recognize our customers’ voices, and are more than happy to help with any questions.

We stand ready to help businesses that are impacted by the economic slowdown resulting from this event. That is what a good community bank does to support the citizens in its community.

Our founders, farmers and small businesses, were conservative and pragmatic people understanding that there was always a possibility for a crop to be damaged by hail or economic events that would impact our customers. That is why throughout our history we have maintained one of the strongest capital reserves for banks in the entire United States and are a Bauer 5-Star Rated Bank.

Our ancestors, the pioneers of America, faced many hardships and challenges. They persevered with much less medical and economic resources than we have today. We need to look to their grit and determination as an example of a people who met the challenges of their time.

America will be challenged; however, with God’s help, sober thoughts and the commitment to care and love our neighbor, this too shall pass.

We are proud to serve our region and its people since 1888 and look forward to the future in our region.”

– Leton Harding