Rosie the Riveter

Letters From Leton: Rosie the Riveter!

As many (if not most) of you know, I love history–Learning from those who faced challenges and interacted with friends (and former enemies) and learning why they did what they did.

One aspect of being a lover of history is iconic pictures (pictures, after all, are worth 1,000 words) and paintings from those times.

A picture that has come back to my mind recently is the poster of Rosie the Riveter from World War II. If you are not familiar, I suggest you Google.

With so many men drafted and off at war, women became a significant part of the workforce – working to build tanks, planes, ships.

I also thought about the picture of the Army Guards during the Revolutionary War as they huddled around a small fire at Valley Forge, keeping the dream of freedom alive against the harshness of the times.

Today we face significant issues. But we have our Rosies – Mary Beth, Paula, Ashley and others! And we have our Guards at Valley Forge – Matt, Wayne, Lee, Browning and others!

My hope is that in a few weeks, we will hoist the Flag of Victory as the Marines did at Iwo Jima.

And we will lay so many kisses on family and hugs with friends that will rival the picture of the Sailor kissing the Nurse in Times Square at the End of World War II.

Heroes exist today. Doctors and hospital staff. Emergency workers, policemen, firemen.

Even Bankers – Bankers at a Bank that Cares – PVB!!

– Leton

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