Letters From Leton: When Things Click!

Have you ever tried to do something that was very hard for you but seemed easy for others?

Maybe it was learning to play an instrument. Solve a math problem. Ride a bike. Work a farm tractor.

I suspect that frustration welled up in you-internal doubt about your capabilities. Maybe even anger! Perhaps this was made worse by your perceived feelings that folks around you were thinking (openly stating or not) that you were a dummy.

But you are not one to give up. So you try and try and try until you have that AHA moment. You know that AHA moment – when you played the song, rode the bike, solved the problem – when you succeeded!

I was reminded of these types of situations and the value of good teachers while listening to a recent episode of a podcast called Hidden Brain.

Good teachers know that we learn at our own pace. They also set aside their own “expertise” and remember how they learned one step at a time and do not denigrate students for learning at their own pace.

Every day we are all students learning something new.

Every day we are all teachers sharing our knowledge with others.

Every day we can have a positive impact on the personal growth of those we come into contact with by becoming that person – even if just for a few teaching moments.

– Leton

Click here to listen to that podcast episode, “When Things Click: The Power Of Judgement-Free Learning” by Hidden Brain.

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