Month: October 2019

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Letters From Leton: Customer Service Is Sweet!

We all take pride and satisfaction in taking care of customers. Helping them buy a house? Big adrenaline rush! Moving that large commercial checking account and loan? Let’s party! But what about the little things? How about resetting an online banking account or fixing a debit card issue at a person’s local office? Or unlocking… Read more »

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12 Money-Saving Tips for Winter

The trees are beginning to shed their colorful fall leaves, and before we know it, the Appalachian mountains will be dusted with snow. In addition to holidays and hot cocoa, winter also brings a harsh chill which tends to result in some increased expenses. Here are 12 tips to help you save money (and energy!)… Read more »


Letters From Leton: Bring Out Your Dead

For those of a certain generation and comic curiosity, Monty Python’s classic movie, The Holy Grail, set during the time of King Arthur and the black plague, was a must see. During one part of the movie, travelers were paid to come around and collect the dead. For unscrupulous family members, this was an easy… Read more »