6 Tips for a Scam-Free Summer

With summer soon arriving, many of us are gearing up for trips and vacations. Here are some tips from the Federal Trade Commission to help ensure you have a scam-free vacation.


A good place to start is asking friends and family for recommendations on travel agencies, vacation rentals, hotels, and packages. Next, Google the travel companies, hotels, rentals and/or agents you plan on using. Search the name of the company alongside words like “reviews,” “scam,” or “complaint” to see what comes up. If you buy travel insurance, make sure the agency is licensed – you can check through the US Travel Insurance Association.

Read the Terms

Before you pay or sign anything, carefully read the details of the travel offer you’re considering.

  • Keep an eye out for extra costs like “resort fees” (also known as amenity, destination, or facility fees).
  • Inquire about taxes, which can vary depending on location.
  • Make sure you have a clear understanding of cancellation and refund policies, and keep a copy of these terms for yourself.

Take your time considering the offer, and don’t let anyone rush you into a decision.

Keep the Paperwork

Keep your receipts, and bring copies of the confirmation details showing the rate you paid and the amenities you payed for.

Don’t Pay for “Prize” Vacations

A legitimate company will never ask you to pay for a prize. Additionally, look for catches on resort/timeshare offers which often come with hidden taxes or fees and mandatory presentations with high-pressure sales pitches.

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Use a Card

If possible, using a credit card for your vacation spending can help give you more protection than cash.

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A debit card is also a safer option than cash, especially with our MobiMoney app which allows you to monitor your accounts on the go from anywhere and turn your card on/off with a single click. You can even sign up for real-time transaction notifications, so you’ll be notified immediately if an unauthorized transaction occurs.

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Protect Your Information

Only bring the IDs and credit/debit cards that are necessary, and make copies so if your bags are stolen you’ll know what you lost. Make a copy of your insurance card to bring with you, and leave other important documents at home.

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Powell Valley National Bank wishes everyone a safe and wonderful summer! If you do witness or experience any type of fraud, you can report it to the FTC here. Additionally, if you believe your financial information may have been compromised, contact your bank immediately. Click here for PVB Debit Card Support Numbers.