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photo of a thicket

Letters From Leton: Laurel Thicket

Growing up in the Appalachian Highlands generally meant much time in the woods, including adventures of exploring and eventually returning home for supper. Occasionally your path would take you to a dense laurel thicket that you had to maneuver through. Often halfway through the thicket, you had doubts about the adventure and just wanted to… Read more »

Photo of Mickey Byrd

Mickey Byrd Joins PVB

Jonesville, Virginia–Powell Valley National Bank (PVB, Bank) is pleased to announce Mickey Byrd has joined the bank as Senior Investment Advisor. Byrd began his career in financial services in 2006 after several years as a retail manager. For 13 years, Mickey served as a Lincoln Financial Group retirement consultant for Mountain States Health Alliance and… Read more »

Thirty-Eight Days

Imagine that your family is adventuresome – very adventuresome. So, you decide that you are going to sail around the world – in 1971 – leaving Cornwall, England. The trip is going well until your 43-foot wooden schooner is attacked by Orcas (killer whales) and sinks in the Pacific Ocean. For the next thirty-eight (38)… Read more »