Automatic Transfers

Save time and enjoy peace of mind. Our automatic transfer program is an easy way to make loan payments and move funds regularly between your various credit union accounts.

Automatic transfer choices

  • Deductions from checking, regular savings, or premium money market savings accounts
  • Monthly or semi-monthly transfers of fixed amounts you designate
  • Automatic transfers are available on any day of the month

If the transfer date falls on a weekend or holiday, the transfer will take place the first business day thereafter.

Automatic transfer benefits

  • Convenient
  • Easier to save and make loan payments
  • Rate discount for new personal loans, car loans and home equity loans with approved automatic payment methods

How to sign up for automatic transfers

Just print, complete and return the transfer authorization form. Sign and return the form by mail or at any branch. Please contact us if you need help or to request a transfer authorization form by mail.