Author: Leton Harding

Letters From Leton: Sweet As Tupelo Honey!

Besides being a Van Morrison song title, how much do you know about Tupelo honey?  Tupelo honey is produced by honeybees who collect the unusual nectar from Ogeechee Tupelo trees in the remote wetlands of Georgia and Florida. The honey has an unusually high fructose to glucose ratio. This quality allows the energy in honey… Read more »

Letters From Leton: Oh No, A Flat Tire!

There are lots of “inconveniences” in life. Forgetting your lunch money. Oversleeping for an appointment. And the coup de grâce – the flat tire! Perhaps made worse by rain. You’ve been there.  Finding the jack. Figuring out how it works. Rusty lug nuts that take herculean efforts to get loose. Then praying that the spare… Read more »

Letters From Leton: Hobnobbing With Friends

Where can you be and touch two states at the same time? Or three? Where can you stand and see five states at the same time? Or six? Well, if you have seen a certain Geico commercial, you’ve seen the Gecko stride the line on State Street in Bristol (Birthplace of Country Music) with one… Read more »

Letters From Leton: What Are You Cooking?

As a kid, Saturdays were filled with cartoons – and slapstick. The Three Stooges primarily, but also the duo of Laurel & Hardy.  In many movies and movie shorts made between the 1920s and the 1950’s, Oliver Hardy was the pompous bully and Stan Laurel the clumsy childlike one. In one of my favorite episodes,… Read more »

Letters From Leton: The Right Impression

Recently, we went to an exhibit at the Biltmore Art Gallery featuring Claude Monet and his contemporaries. The art was magnificent, but the story behind what we now view as an important part of art history was just as interesting to me. Until the time of Monet, Manet, Lautrec, Renoir, Morisot, and Cezanne Degas, painters were… Read more »

Letters From Leton: Summertime

Fond memories and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly. For those in our region, summer often involves family.  Family trips and vacations. Family time. And family who had ventured away for jobs, coming back to the place they longed to be (the real world had other plans). Many of you, like me, recall… Read more »